Outdoor Lighting

Have you seen the dramatic effect that outdoor low voltage lighting can provide to an outdoor living space? A creative lighting design can accentuate your landscape, home, and add drama to your property at night. Outdoor lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing by showcasing architectural and plant features, but proper lighting can add safety to your landscape by lighting walkways. Moreover, a well lit home is a big deterrent to intruders.

The staff at Turfworks, Inc. is ready to install a lighting system that will make your friends and you extend your good times from the evening on into the night all the while enjoying your beautiful landscape.

We exclusively use the best outdoor lighting products the market provides to ensure the same longevity and quality of your low voltage lighting that you would expect to match your home. The fixtures we install are all solid aluminum or copper with transformers that keep the system running efficiently and properly.

Call us today for a free estimate and information on how our landscape team can plan out and install outdoor lighting features that will add the drama, aesthetics, safety, and/or security that you are looking for to your property.

To learn more about the low voltage lighting products that we use and/or to pick out the lighting products that you want us to install for you, please visit the following manufacture website links listed below:

  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting: www.vistapro.com
  • FX Luminaire Low Voltage Lighting: www.fxl.com
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