Landscape Maintenance

Keep your new landscape looking as great as it did when we finished! Turf Works Inc. is excited to now offer complete landscape maintenance. This full service program ensures that your investment will grow and prosper!

We offer all aspects of landscape maintenence but only provide the highest level of quality. Weekly service ensures that every area of your landscape is looked after, constantly monitored by a trained gardener. Fertilizing, pruning , pest and disease control are just some of the items we include. Call today for an appointment!

996-s.jpgKeeping your lawn lush and healthy is just one of our goals.

997-s.jpgWe monitor all aspects of the landscape and are always looking for ways to improve the vitality and health of your site.

998-s.jpgWe take the initiative to prune in order to ensure proper growth and shape.

999-s.jpgProper fertilizing and pruning ensures vibrant color and growth.