Flagstone is an overall term used for an array of flat slabs of paving stone which are usually made from sandstone, limestone, or slate. This material can be cut into uniformed shapes, such as squares and rectangles, or split into irregular edges for a more natural appearance. Most often, flagstone is used for pool decks, patios, driveways, and as backyard stepping stone. Flagstone is great for use in areas where you want a more natural or rugged appearance. By planting moss or thyme between the slabs, you can create an even more natural look to blend into your landscape. It is also easy to remove a section of flagstone (in comparison to concrete) if you ever find yourself needing access to waterlines, sprinkler pipes, cables, or electrical wiring buried below ground. Let our designer help you to incorporate this natural looking element into your landscape while our masons use their artistic ability and skill to achieve this beautiful feature to your yard.


This Arizona flagstone is one alternative to concrete or stepping stones. Concrete is poured first, the topped with flagstone set in mortar and grouted in.