Stamped Concrete

Through the use of stamped concrete, a skilled landscaper can concrete a patterned look to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and even wood. Especially when color is added, the faux look of these more expensive hardscapes can be achieved without the high expense through the use of stamped concrete. This technique can be used to add character, texture, depth, and visual interest to pool decks, driveways, entryways, courtyards, and patios.

Stamped concrete offers lots of color and pattern options to choose from, and it is easy to blend its use with other hardscape elements within a yard such as those made from brick, slate, flagstone, stone, and tile. Stamped concrete designs can even be used on vertical objects such as steps and fountains. Moreover, it can also be blended with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate finishes and acid-etched staining. So, let our designer help you to plan for an economical way to add interest, rich detail, and design to the patios and walkways of your landscape through the use of durable, stamped concrete.


This stamped concrete drive way is finished with six colors blended to give a unique look that compliments both the house and landscape. Our ability to custom blend the standard colors to create a one of a kind show piece sets us apart.


This example of leaf imprints gives a fossil appearance to your concrete. When applied randomly, your custom concrete becomes an extension of your home complete with accents and motifs.


This example provides a classic look of large slate tiles without the maintenance or cost of real stone. The ability to create the color you want, not just what is available gives decorative concrete an advantage when choosing an outdoor living space.


This custom blend of color and stamp creates a look of natural stone without the abraisive feel of stone.